Suremix SM50


The Suremix SM50 is a fully automatic, purpose built machine specifically designed to produce Hydraulically Bound Materials (HBM) for trench reinstatements using a proprietary binder. The weighing system delivers a very accurate product allowing laboratory designed mixes to be
produced with a minimum of binder.

A generic Quality Protocol has been developed for the Suremix SM50 that is intended for customisation to suit individual operators of the machine. This defines what is required to allow production of HBM to the Series 800 specification.

The Suremix SM50 is readily transportable using a suitable hook lift lorry. The dimensions of the Suremix SM50 are such that the machine can be transported as a non-notifiable load, and is ready for use shortly after arriving on site.

Using HBM gives the following advantages compared to MOT Type 1:

  • Material can be produced local to the site, reducing transport costs
  • Lower failure rates, as compaction is less critical
  • Reduced use of virgin materials
  • Reduced waste to landfill


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Suremix SM50 Details

Pug-Mill Mixer

The pug-mill mixer provides a forced action mix compliant with Specification for Highway Works Series 800, and assures a thorough and even mix. This is essential when operating with low percentage weights of the binder.


Suitable Moisture Content

If the input material is too dry, water can be sprayed on to the machine output to give a suitable moisture content to allow correct compaction of the product material. The water is sprayed as the product leaves the discharge belt, and the flow rate can be adjusted to suit the material properties.


Storage Hopper

The binder storage hopper allows 1 tonne bags to be loaded whilst working at ground level. The Suremix SM50 can store sufficient binder for 2 hours operation (depending on the percentage dose).

Accurate Measurement

Weighing the final mixture and the binder in hoppers mounted on load cells gives far better accuracy than a belt weighing system.


Computer Control

The Suremix SM50 machine has a computer controlled binder dosing control that adjusts the weight of binder added to give a product that is extremely accurate. This gives confidence that the designed mix is being achieved and also that no over dosing is carried out assuring an economical process.




The monitoring system allows the Suremix SM50 to automatically produce HBM with no operator intervention, except for adding the raw materials. On completion of a production run the Suremix SM50 writes the recorded weight information to an on-board data logger. The data logger uploads information to a web-site, allowing batch certificates to be produced remotely



Technical Specification

Hook lift Mixing Machine for Hydraulically Bound Mixtures (HBM)


Throughput: Up to 40 tonnes per hour, depending on material
Feed Size: Diameter max 75mm
Inlet Hopper: Opening 1800 x 1450mm
Loading height 2000mm
Capacity 1.5 cubic metres
Grill size 137 x 155mm
Generator: JCB Dieselmax, 4 cylinder 60 kVA 3 phase generator. Fuel consumption 4 litres / hour. Fuel tank capacity 200 Litres
Control System: Automatic operation
Automatic dosing control
Dosing measurement by weight
Dosing accuracy < 0.025%
Discharge Belt: Width 600mm
Discharge height 2100mm
Powered retraction / deployment for transportation
Water Injection: Tank capacity 200 litres
Moisture content uplift capability 3%
Transport: Rollonoff type hooklift lorry CHEM TS8 chassi

Specifications subject to change due to technical development, without prior notice.


Suremix SM50

Suremix SM50 being loaded onto a hook lift lorry